As we grow as a brand and handle more clients be it from the watch industry, jewellery or maybe even commercial events, we may overlook the reason why we started. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the purpose and values we upkeep as Kairoshoot progresses.

It is easier to understand our purpose by adhering to our values:

1. Helping brands innovate

Every time we snap a photo we think to ourselves, are we just providing images to these brands? It turns out, we're not. Throughout the process of working with us, we cultivate a "no idea is a bad idea" mindset and always aim to push the boundaries of what is deemed possible. We brainstorm with brands to find out what they are looking for and we make every effort to deliver with a splash of innovation.

2. An eye for detail

Due to the nature of capturing these timepieces, we are required to be precise and detailed. How are we supposed to capture the different watches so that we can show off their best side? Should we capture it at a specific angle? Where are the hands of the watches supposed to be to complement the photo? Should our lighting strike at this angle? How will it look? These are some of the many questions we ask ourselves during every project to ensure no detail is left unamended because we believe, it is each of these smallest details that make up that great photo and we are looking forward to bringing this eye for detail to more range of products we'll be shooting for in the future.

3. Tailored experience

Before we start on every project, we always ask our clients a few questions to understand them a little better such as, which brands do you admire? What is your grail watch? Who do you want to see wearing your watch? These questions set the tone and act as a creative bridge to the kind of photos you might be going for and how we can set out to deliver them. Why do we do this? Because we believe that every brand is different and we are here to help you spread your creations, it is so much more than just taking that photo.

4. Photos that sell

Needless to say, the core value of our business should be providing photos that will impress. Quality photos aren't what we are going for, we want photos that will wow people just like how our family and friends, who did not know anything about watches were dazzled by them. And how do we achieve that? We have to impress ourselves first and that means we have to be constantly improving in all areas, photography, editing, communication and even speed.


Finally, we hope that understanding our values will give you confidence in working with us and also understanding us better. We'd like to leave all this here so we can be accountable to you and ourselves for every project we take on. In case we fall short of your expectations, do be patient with us as we continue to learn and grow.